Jack Minker's Human Rights Memoirs

1    Introduction

Since 1972 I have been active in the cause of working to gain freedom for scientists whose human rights had been violated. During this time I have saved almost all of my correspondence and documents concerning my activities. I am currently engaged in writing my memoirs on my experiences. To do so, I have tried to rely mainly on my correspondence and notes since one's memory is not always accurate. Indeed, in some cases the correspondence and or the notes are missing or unclear. In order to make my material accessible both to me and scholars interested in this subject, I am creating an index that consists of the name of the writer, to whom it is addressed, and a short summary of the text. Individuals may search the pdf files on topics or individuals of interest to them. Please note that names are not uniform. Thus, Alexander may also be Aleksandr, or other variants.

The material made available is a work in progress. I have kept three-ring binders by year, files by topics, and files of correspondence that were not in binders. I am going through binders by years, starting with 1972. Some of the material in binders are misplaced and I have had to revise some of the initial indexes I developed. Hence, those readers who use the indecies may find that at a later date they have been revised. Only when I complete going through all my correspondence will it be possible to state that the indexes are as complete as possible. As I reach a point where I believe I have suficient material for writing my experiences, I stop indexing and write the material. I have done so with several subjects. However, I am not making my text accessible over the internet until a later date. In the case of some individuals, I have made an index which contains reference to all correspondence related to that individual and the binders that contain the correspondence. For example, the index to Brailovsky 1974-1980, references material in the Binders for 1974-1978 and the Binder for Brailovsky 1978-1980.

The indexes and the correspondence are to be stored in the Minker Collection, IN the Archives of the University of Maryland R. Lee Hornbake Library, College Park, Maryland and made available to scholars.

2    Index to 1972-1973

3    Index to 1974

4    Index to 1975

5    Index to 1976

6    Index to File on Dr. Ovsei Gelman, 1973-1976

7    Index to 1977

8    Index to 1978

9    Index to Jerusalem Conference on Information Technology (August 6-8, 1978), 1977-1978

10   Index to 1979

11   Index to 4th International Conference on Collective Phenomena, 1979-1980

12   Index to Committee on Computers and Public Policy, 1978-1980

13   Index to 1980

14   Index to 1981

15   Index to 1982

16   Index to 1983

17   Index to 1984

18   Index to 1985

18   Index to 1986

18   Index to 1987

18   Index to 1988

18   Index to 1989

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